Single Family Home in Las Vegas

Single Family Home in  Las Vegas

Deal Summary:

Subject property is a 2-story detached single family residence, 5 bedrooms, 3 full, 1 half bathrooms.  The unit was constructed in 1998 and is in excellent condition.  The property will be used as an investment property. 

Exit Strategy:

He will also be working with an institutional lender for a refinance early next year after filing his tax returns.

Loan Information:

Property Type: SFR Detached, Built 1998
Subject Property: Falls Church Ave, Las Vegas, NV  89144
APN #: 137-25-517-008
House SF.: +/- 3,229 sf
Lot Size: +/- 0.26 acre
Loan Amount: $ 335,000
Purchase Price: $ 516,000  ($ 159.80  per SF)
Appraisal See comps below.
Loan Exposure (PSF): $ 103.75
Loan-to-cost: 64.92 %
Interest Rate: 12% interest only, paid monthly
Debt-to-Income Ratio 50.8%
Maturity: 24 months
Extension Provision: At lender’s discretion.
Collateral: First Deed of Trust on subject property.
Comps: 10608 Engelwood Cliffs Ave, for sale for $349,987 at $146.37/sf;10313 Carolina Hills Ave, sold 4/4/2014 for $399,000 at $135.99/sf;10429 Carmel Mountain Ave sold 6/6/2014 for $410,000 at $139.74/sf;1408 Pintail Point St, sold for $350,000 at $149.38/sf
Closing Costs: Paid by borrower


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