Probate Loans

When a person dies, the legal process that takes place afterwards decides how assets will be distributed. An estate will be opened to settle any outstanding debts occurred while the deceased was alive, including final taxes. This process must be completed before an inheritance may be given to heirs.

In many cases, the probate process can take months or even years, while the inheritance is left untouched. Probate moves from accounting for all property to informing creditors about the cause and date of death of the deceased. After this phase, the estate must reconcile debts out of the assets before the remaining assets may be distributed according to the will of the deceased. If there is no will, the state will decide how the property is distributed.

This is where probate loans can help. A probate loan is a useful tool when an heir requires money quickly.

Direct Investors provides probate loans to heirs of probate estates and to trust beneficiaries. These hard money loans are available regardless of credit or income to beneficiaries of an estate if we can make a mortgage loan based on the equity in the real estate that will be inherited.

Probate Loans

Features of Our Probate Estate Loans:

  • Poor credit or no income OK
  • Custom terms and financing tailored to the needs of all parties to a trust or estate
  • Loan based on equity in real estate to be inherited
  • Direct Investors can work with the estate attorney or Executor of the Estate to work out details and court approvals
  • In most cases, the probate estate mortgage is paid back from assets of the estate so borrowers do not need to make monthly payments
  • Quick funding to meet financial obligations of the estate
Hard Money Probate Loan

At Direct Investors, we make the loan process as fast and easy as possible for heirs of probate estates and trust beneficiaries. We make the process of obtaining immediate financing easy by working directly with the client and his or her attorney or Executor of the Estate to handle any details and court approvals necessary. For most borrowers, these loans do not require monthly payments as the loan will be paid by the probate estate once probate is complete, while heirs get remaining funds.

To be eligible for a hard money probate loan, there must be an estate in probate, and the heir must show proof of being the beneficiary of the estate.

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If the probate case is still open or in the process of being opened, contact Direct Investors today. We will get you the cash inheritance in just days after your application is submitted so you can meet financial obligations. Terms and cost depend on the complexity of the probate case and how long it will take for assets to be distributed, but we offer very competitive rates to help you borrow against or finance the purchase of probate estate and trust-owned real estate property.