How to Get Approved for a Hard Money Loan

Are you ready to get approved for fast funding to complete your project? Here is how you can get approved and funded in under a week for a hard money loan from Direct Investors.

Hard Money Loan Qualifications


Start by filling out our contact form or the pre-qualification application so we can get started on your pre-approval. You can also give us a call to speak to one of our representatives. If you need your loan funded quickly, the pre-qualification application is the fastest way to do so because it will give us the information we need.

Hard Money Loans

Call from Underwriter

If your loan fits our guidelines and we have a program available for you (there is a good chance we do!), one of our underwriters will contact you within one business day to begin the formal underwriting process for your loan.

Hard Money Lender

Don't Fit Our Guidelines?

If your loan does not match our guidelines, a representative will get in touch with you and help you prepare your loan to be presented to a lender in our network that will likely be able to fund your request. You will not need to fill out the same paperwork again.

Lending Criteria

With a traditional lender like a bank, a big emphasis is placed on your income and credit rating. We consider these secondary qualification standards. We prefer asset-based lending. That is why hard money loans have a short term; if borrowers default, the value of the property is likely close to what it was when the loan was originated, and we cap the loan-to-value at 65-70%.

An emphasis will be placed on the property, which is the collateral involved in the loan. To help you get approved, here are some factors to keep in mind.

  • Loans are available for many property types, including commercial properties, single-family investment properties, distressed properties, fix and flip, fix and hold and more.
  • Be conservative in your value estimate and remember you can usually borrow up to 65% of the ARV, or up to 70% LTV.
  • The more equity you have in the property after the loan, the better. More populated areas are best, and the faster the properties in the area sell, the better your chances of approval.


Hard Money Loan Qualifications