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What Is Hard Money?

When I meet with real estate professionals I’m surprised by how many of them are unfamiliar with hard money. I personally dislike the term “hard money.” I think the term “hard” carries a negative connotation and can sound intimidating to a borrower. It should really be called “private” money or “personal” money because the funds […]

Las Vegas Real Estate Investment Opportunities

In today’s Las Vegas real estate market there is a huge opportunity for investors that want to buy distressed Las Vegas properties and turn them into rentals for 5 years. Purchase Las VegasDistressed Properties, and Repair With the prices of Las Vegas houses right now if you have some money to invest,  you can pick […]

A Foolish Idea to Stop Foreclosure in San Bernardino County

I read a crazy article this morning published in the LA Times. San Bernardino County officials are considering how they can use eminent domain laws to fight foreclosure. Fore those of you unfamiliar with eminent domain it is a power given to governments (and rarely used) to seize a property owner’s land when there clearly […]

Hard Money Lending After Dodd-Frank

Every few months I receive a phone call from a borrower who can’t understand why I’m asking questions about their employment, income, and financial obligations. They want a hard money loan. Why would I care about their income? Hard money lenders only care about the property. Right? I remember one borrower who yelled at me […]

Rehabilitation Loans

One of the most requested types of hard money loans is for the purpose of improving commercial or residential properties. The proceeds are used to improve the property, which may then be leased, or re-sold for a profit. Private money is a great resource in this scenario because of the quick turnaround time and flexible […]

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