Buy & Hold Loans

While hard money loans are typically made on a short-term basis, borrowers who plan to buy and hold property require a longer-term loan option. Whether you are an investor building a property portfolio for passive income or a landlord retrofitting property, Direct Investors can meet your needs!

Buy and Hold Investment Strategy

The buy and hold strategy involves buying foreclosed or otherwise undervalued property to eventually sell, after its value has appreciated. Meanwhile, it may make financial sense to renovate the property and use it as a rental property. A buy and hold loan is an excellent way to secure the financing necessary to purchase such a property, and combine the concepts of property appreciation, leverage and compounding wealth in your favor.

While flips may be done at any price level, property rentals can be trickier. Still, rent continues to climb and the rental market remains hot across the country. Investors who want to exchange fast, temporary money for long-term, stable income turn to the tried-and-true buy and hold strategy to enjoy monthly income as well as price appreciation on their properties. There are many roads to wealth in real estate, but few opportunities offer the stability and safety of rental properties.

Hard money loans may be used to buy real estate for income as a rental property. While traditional lenders limit most lending to owner-occupied properties, Direct Investors will give you the capital you need for long-term cash flow.

Buy and Hold Loans

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We provide same-day prequalification on buy and hold hard money loans with full amortization or partial amortization. You cannot beat the competitive rates at Direct Investors! If you are ready to grow your investment property portfolio, we are here to help you secure the funding you need to grow your wealth or expand your business.


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