Hard Money Loans

Direct Investor is a hard money lender/broker serving investors & lenders throughout the state. Turn to us to fund your next real estate venture with easy access to the financing you need, customized to your business structure and project requirements! Property flippers and investors recognize Direct Investors as a leader in alternative financing with exceptional service and a commitment to fast funding, quick turnaround and no junk fees. To get started, fill out our application or contact form today to see how we can get your project the funding it needs!

A hard money loan is an asset-based loan that allows borrowers to receive funds secured by real estate. If you own one or more investment properties that are free and clear, or with low leverage, Direct Investors can provide the cash you need by incorporating your properties into a single loan. Our cash out refinance program is ideal for investors who want to improve properties in need of repair to make a bankable property with a conventional loan.

If you want to pull cash out of an investment property for improvements or other business or personal reasons, count on Direct Investors. We offer competitive rates, customized loan programs and the ability to approve and close your loan within the week.

Hard Money Lender

Hard Money Cash Out Refinance:

  • Up to 65% loan-to-value
  • $50,000 to $2 million
  • Fast closing within the week
  • 1-4 unit residential properties, commercial properties, land, and apartment complexes qualify
  • Term options range from 6 months to 3 years
  • No prepayment penalties
Hard Money Cash Out Refinance

Construction Loans:

Over the past few years, conventional lenders have all but stopped providing speculative construction loans to builders and investors. While the appetite of traditional lenders for this type of loan fluctuates with the market, private lenders like Direct Investors have long provided financing. If you are considering this type of loan option, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

Construction Loans
  • Location is important. To be approved for this type of loan, the location of the project is very important.
  • The lot lien may be included in the loan, assuming the lender has first position. Whether or not you may finance some or all of the lot cost into your loan depends on many factors, including your experience level.
Hard Money Lender

Interest Rates

Unlike a traditional lender, we do not base interest rates on your credit rating but rather your experience level, the size of the loan, the loan term and other factors. Interest rates typically range from 10% to 14%. We can also defer interest payments to pay off if you do not want to make payments during the rehab process.

Voucher Control for Repairs

After you have been approved for your loan and received the first disbursement, you may request additional money to pay for repairs by submitting a Draw Request form. This form identifies the completed repairs and includes copies of invoices to contractors and sub-contractors. After the work is inspected, draws are dispersed. Work is usually not paid for in advance. Construction/Voucher controls can also pay contractors directly if you would prefer they submit their invoices to the controller.

Voucher Control for Repairs

Loan to Value (LTV)

With hard money loans, the loan-to-value is usually lower because the investment is based on the equity in the property, not the borrower's credit or ability to repay. In most cases, we lend up to 70% LTV.

Additional Costs

There are additional fees to consider when you apply. The origination fee is typically between 3 and 5 points. All loans require title insurance, a property analysis, and insurance for the property.

Loan to Value (LTV)

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